The HC2 LAB’s R&D work.

Personal project, working with my custom low profile high-speed camera with a watertight macro lens to push the dynamic limits of the abilities of the camera with low light. I figured the best subject is the subject I love to drink here in Austin! Thank you @highbrewcoffee for the delicious beverage!! Capturing liquid flying through the air in super slow motion (aka 1000-2000 frames per second) tend to be a costly endeavor, but after a year of R&D, I have built a new combo solution to achieve great results!

Behind The Scenes of the test project for my new highspeed camera final frame. I wanted the water on both sides flowing around the can of @highbrewcoffeewhich leaves little room for movement in the center of the frame, so I captured this with the medium format #pentax645zcamera with the 90mm prime lens. Stopped down to f9 on the lens for tack sharp detail but being close to the subject I had an excellent soft focus on the edges. Using strobes offers an easy way to pump more light into the shot without pulling massive electrical power. I shot tethered to #adobelightroom to be able to make quick adjustments and faster turn around.. 

The 4k Burn

The personal project was testing the extreme macro prime lens at f16 with 2d composting. All shots captured in 4k with the Arri Amira. 2D VFX work composited in Cinema4D and After Effects. The objective of this experimental project was to determine which luminosity style and color combo would composite and or blend within the primary layer favorably. I continued using only in-camera factors to produce a bounteous true-to-life type of visible progress.